Dennis Wakabayashi is a world leading CX strategist, innovator and evangelist working with fortune 100 brands like AT&T, ExxonMobil, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Fedex to transform their businesses to capitalize on “generation when” by making customer experience the most important and reliable element of every business decision.  

Dedicated to sharing his knowledge of the CX and integrated marketing space with colleagues, clients and other professionals, Wakabayashi is a well-known CX subject matter expert who sits on Adobe’s Experience League Advisory Council and is a member of Service Design Week’s Advisory Board. He is also heavily involved in training and education, currently teaching in the Big Data Certification program at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas, and developing customer experience curriculum as a CX subject matter expert for the world’s leading technology educators, O’Reilly Media and Safari Books Online.

Author public speaking: 

●      Service Design Week 2018: Keynote Speaker

●      Southern Methodist University: Post-graduate CX Strategy class

●      Safari Books Online: Instructor, "Introduction to Customer Experience"

●      Campaign U.S.: Digital 40 Over 40

EXPERTISE/INNOVATION: Over the course of his career, Wakabayashi can lay claim to being one of the first webmasters. He held that title at Internet Waterway Online in 1993. Wakabayashi contributed to the development of the Internet Explorer browser, pioneered initial digital banner delivery technologies, and applied for patents using crowdsourcing and machine learning.

Dennis began his digital marketing career as Director of Media Arts for a TBWA agency developing the burgeoning practice of Omni-Channel for McDonald's and other notable clients.

Later he went on to join a start-up called Verio that built one of the very first national TCP/IP networks to deliver the Internet to small-to-medium business in the top 52 metropolitan cities in the USA. The wildly successful Verio team built the largest USA hosting business, went public, and ultimately sold for $5 billion to NTT Data. 

He was one of the first Americans to build a full marketing automation stack within China that formed the basic principals of how to scale customer experience globally. Before he united Salesforce and Oracle in Shanghai, there had never been a marketing automation stack able to scale globally due to China’s unique technological landscape and governance.

His charitable “experience” work includes being a two-time board president at a platform supporting the journey of cancer patients through social media and crowdsourcing technologies



He leads The Integer Group’s Consumer Experience practice known in the industry as CX3. At The Integer Group he also oversees integrated commerce, Digital Marketing and Social Media.