Why every CX strategy should start with a Commerce Alignment Workshop

Change is hard. In every business where we introduce business transformation there is simple yet significant reason why we succeed. 

The first thing we do is align key stakeholders around a common view of the customer, content, and measurement.


Here you see Marie Burns helping clients break down silos within the organization by sharing a clear alignment between cross functional teams,the customer mindset and how each stakeholder contributes equally to business objectives.  

So how is this accomplished?  


It all starts with our leading strategists like Nikki Jones who outlines the customer mindset in context of retailer calendars throughout the year.  

Each stakeholder takes ownership of their part of the map and Nikki leads them in through a workshop to gather consensus around business objectives, content and measurement.


The workshop starts with an overview of the customer landscape and open discussion to unlock free thinking about culturally relevant customer behaviors. 


Next Nikki guides each contributor to declare their customer focused mission and alignment to the brand’s common view of customer experience. 


Over the courses of the workshop, what unfolds is a inspiring and motivating evolution of teamwork where everyone begins to agree on a united approach to working together in new ways that transform the organization from a group of unique business leaders into a motivated team of customer centric gamechangers. 

It sounds simple.

Thats because it is! Yet many organizations fail to recognize the power of unified teamwork when it comes to rapid adaptation to a customer empowered economy.

 Take the first step.

Gather your team together and mutually agree on the desire of your customers and then unite as a group of transformative leaders who reimagine and create new and profitable experiences for both customers and your organization.  It can be done.