Dennis Wakabayashi, VP of Digital and Integrated Marketing for The Integer Group

If you've ever heard the sound a can of spray paint makes as shaken — the no-sound-like-it rattle, you can relate in some way to how I started my career. Not as the person who now heads up The Integer Group's Consumer Experience practice, CX3. Nor as integrated commerce, Digital Marketing, and Social Media influencer.

However, as a kid on the street, creating exceptional experiences, using graffiti as a means of delivering inner-city neighborhoods away from the bleak, lifeless canvas to vibrancy and hope.

So when you read common bio-type words like, "Dennis Wakabayashi is a world-leading CX strategist, innovator, and evangelist working with global client's like AT&T, ExxonMobil, Starbucks, McDonald's and Fedex to make CX as a critical element of every business decision…" What it means is, I can relate.

To the Internet.

as one of the first webmasters at Internet Waterway Online in 1993, where I pioneered the development of the Internet advertising technologies digital banner delivery technologies and applied for patents using crowdsourcing and machine learning.

Later, at start-up, Verio I worked with some of the Internet's initial brave adventurers to build one of the first national TCP/IP networks delivering the Internet to small-to-medium business in the top 52 metropolitan cities in the USA. Together we made the largest USA hosting business, went public, and ultimately sold for $5 billion to NTT Data. Along the way, I jumped in and helped some other smart guys break ground on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.

To marketing.

I began my digital marketing career as Director of Media Arts for a TBWA agency developing the burgeoning practice of Omni-Channel for McDonald's and other notable clients. The truth, as it turns out, is creating a mural on the side of a housing project is not much different from creating a splash in the marketing world. You have to blend all of the right colors, have something important to say- and go big!

To the globe.

I was one of the first Americans to build a full marketing-automation stack within China that formed the basic principles of how to scale customer experience globally. Before I brought Salesforce and Oracle together in Shanghai, this had never happened.

To Integrated Marketing (CX).

I sit on Adobe's Experience League Advisory Council, member of Service Design Week's Advisory Board, Brandwatch contributor and CCW influencer. I currently participate in the Big Data Certification program at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas, guest lecture at some of the worlds best universities like USC and developed customer experience curriculum for the world's leading technology educators, O'Reilly Media and Safari Books Online.

To the community.

My charitable "experience" includes being a two-time board president at a platform supporting the journey of cancer patients through social media and crowdsourcing technologies.

To an audience.

● Working on Integrated Marketing Academic Paper for Oxford University

● Blogger and Influencer reaching 300,000 across multiple channels

● Service Design Week 2018: Keynote Speaker

● Southern Methodist University: Visiting lecturer for Post-graduate CX Strategy class

● University of Southern California : Visiting Lecturer on the topic of Integrated Marketing

● Campaign U.S.: Digital 40 Over 40

● CCW Influencer

● Brandwatch Contributor

● Named by several marketing automation companies as one of the top 25 email marketing and social marketers around the world

● 2019 Speaker at Colorado Ad Day

The Wakabayashi way, is to bring together — creators, marketers, technologists, executives, artist, customers, or fans in a beautiful way. Moreover, my rich history of culture empowerment allows me to relate to these people. What you and I can both relate, to is, behind every experience, is a real person with a need to connect emotionally with the brands he or she chooses — brands that pass a metaphorical canvas and say, "Let's paint."

Link to Resume: Dennis Wakabayashi