A Good Website Is the First Step of Your Online Campaign

Although this sounds painfully obvious, many people still make grave website mistakes that can hinder the success of even the most aggressive online marketing strategy. We often talk about the importance of social media, email marketing, and SEO, but none of these techniques can help you if you haven’t taken the effort to build a top-quality website.

I recently read an article on MemeBurn about how the state of your website impacts your online marketing efforts. The article states that “your home page is the glue that holds your e-marketing strategies together.” This is precisely true. No matter how visitors get to your website, the first thing they see is your home page. You might argue about the creation of specific landing pages for your marketing channels. But a real customer would always take the time and effort to pay a visit to your home page before they make a purchase. A skillfully designed home page, with all the right information, can be a powerful form of marketing on its own.

Imagine creating a winning social media campaign that brings thousands of new visitors to your website. This should mean big sales, right? Not always: Many websites with great social media campaigns have a very low click-to-sales ratio. The reasons are many and widely varied. For instance, pop-up windows, welcome screens, lurid or dated designs, and auto play video can drive your hard-earned visitors away in seconds. Sure, quality web designers are expensive, and it’s tempting to try and create your own website to keep costs at a minimum. However, unless you are a designer or developer, it’s best to leave the task to the professionals as they are aware of the subtle art of presenting your information in a creative and concise manner.

According to an article on Clickz, you also need to make sure that your customers are able to make fast and easy purchases on your website. Easy navigation is something that is very important to making sales. The last thing the average internet user wants to do is to spend precious minutes clicking on a dozen different links just to access the “buy now” button. A user wouldn’t think twice about clicking away in search of someone else because competition is high. The same article states the importance of having a mobile, or responsive, website. I agree wholeheartedly. With mobile users making up a significant portion of online searches, your website needs to be visible to them. A user is highly unlikely to linger around a website that’s not visible on their device.

Online marketing starts with your website. If you’re guilty of not offering easy navigation, fast loading pages, and browser-crashing graphics, it’s high time you consider a revamp f you want to stay ahead of the competition.

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