Some robots are good. Some are Evil.

With so much talk about A.I. and bots, I wanted to break some things down in simple terms so that as you develop your own customer experience strategies,
 you will understand what A.I. basically is and how to get smarter marketing done at scale.

And prevent HAL9000 or Skynet from becoming any sort of reality.

Computers are getting old and can't
really see or hear very well.

In the most basic terms the computer as we've known it for over the last 75 or so years (The first computer was created in 1936) only does a few things. 

- Read = Take Instructions

- Execute = Perform Instructions

- Write = Print Results to Screen or Memory

- Erase = You get it


Today computers can see.
Yeah, that's right, like, with eyes.

Todays' more advanced computers read, execute, write, and erase just like always h. The new thing is that they can "Compare". This means that they can find the similarities and differences in things they observe - and millions of times faster than humans.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 12.11.25 PM.png
Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Can find butterflies faster than humans.

When we talk about this new computer skill of comparing things, let's take for example that in only a few hours, a modern A.I. can look across the Internet and know more about butterflies than any human. They can spot the imitations, the illustration, the photos, genus, species, and the list goes on. Take a look at this set of images.  An A.I. can almost instantly know which is the real butterfly and why. We'll just let that sink in for a sec.

A.I. Can find butterflies
It’s time to really ask ourselves, how many more hours will it take for A.I. to be smarter than any human advertising or marketing strategist.
— Dennis Wakabayashi 2018
Bad Robot, Bad A.I.

The scary thing is the bad Robots.

To be fair, it's really not their fault. It's just that they've been trained not to listen to us. That's right. You'd be amazed at the marketing programs and software running on auto pilot. Almost all of them.

This is exactly why you keep getting that same ad to buy a pair of shoes that you already purchased last week.

Worse still is the fact that they see consumers as "all the same" or "look a likes". They crunch the data, compare a bunch of similarities and assume we're all going to exhibit the same purchase behavior. 

To make things worse, they contribute to things like ad fraud, customer contempt for advertising and overall poor customer experiences leading to decreased customer lifetime value, lower revenue, dropping profits.  All of which are not good for agencies and brands.

Who are the good guys in all this?

Good Robot Good AI

Marketers, Ad Agencies, and Consultancies who fundamentally understand A.I. are incorporating customer feedback loops throughout the customer journey. Every touchpoint feeds the system with information that pushes brands and customers closer together in ways that are relevant and valuable.

Certainly there is a ton of "hype" out there about customer privacy and personal information being misused. But what we're talking about here, is the new era of customer experience where brands and customers have genuine relationships and engage in mutually fulfilling ways. This means the customer is first and at the center of every interaction...and all thanks to smart robots.

If you want to dig deeper into what a good robot looks like, take a peek at newest work being done by Adobe with Sensei.  Adobe is making huge strides and will definitely reshape how we see marketing entirely over the next 10 years.

How to do your part. Listen to humans, not robots.

If you are moving into, or already working in the the field of customer experience marketing, or digital transformation, then be sure to keep the customers experience at the center of every decision you make. Gather consumer feedback everywhere possible and make decisions based on what humans are telling you.

Don't leave it all solely up to robots.