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I'd love to talk to you about CX or Integrated marketing.

My goal is to help busy exectutives and fledgling marketing solutions companies. I enjoy helping people connect with the right solutions or CX people throughout the industry. If you want to learn more about integrated marketing or find a particular solution, I can help.  

I'm also always up for a friendly business conversation too. Let's talk!

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When the customer comes first, the customer lasts

From marketing programs that generate new customers to the critical business communications that serve and extend the brand, we help solve our clients’ toughest challenges through the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of capabilities.



Customer Journey Management Platform

Cemantica's Innovative Technology combined with our proven CX Approach deliver compelling insights to help you:

- Identify your customers’ pain points, areas of improvement, new growth paths

- Take immediate and tailored actions within your organization

Their comprehensive end-to-end value proposition, from CX Assessment to Customer Journey Mapping & CX Management Program, is your “customer experience ready” enablement model.

Please access the Cemantica customer Journey Mapping tool free trial for 30 days with your Coupon Code (Voucher Number) distributed during the Dennis Wakabayashi’s session at the CCW event in Las Vegas

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Bridge the gap between feedback and action

Are you tired of investing time and resources in surveys that leave you guessing on how to act? Close the feedback loop with data-driven action at every level:

  • Unlimited 360° feedback for every employee

  • Comprehensive, actionable customer experience data

  • Clear metrics on manager effectiveness

  • Proactive recognition of standout performers

  • Radiant AITM  recommended actions for every result

Spend less time on analysis and more time on action. Upgrade to Macorva's comprehensive feedback platform to save time, get better data, and improve outcomes.

Get pricing

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Aggregate Customer Data from Any Source

Global organizations depend on Pointillist to transform customer data representing billions of interactions per day into journey data pipelines that support real-time analysis, modeling and orchestration.

The Pointillist Customer Journey Data Hub™ creates a single customer view across all your data sources, including CRM, web clickstream, email, contact center, IVR, VoC/CFM and more.

The Journey Data Hub streamlines customer data integration using Pointillist’s Agile Data Fusion™ approach. Start with the data sources you need most and incrementally expand your scope over time.

Data preparation is minimized by resolving customer identities across sources in real-time as data flows into the platform.

Learn about the Pointillist Customer Journey Data Hub

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Expectations have changed. Meet them in live time.

  • Capture Every Signal
    Get one trusted view of the voice of your customers, wherever they connect with you. Integrated data from web, social, videos, messaging, and more.

  • Analyze & Predict
    Make sense of experience data with our tailor made machine learning models. Let AI do the work to prioritize the biggest opportunities and understand preferences and intent.

  • Route & Empower
    Take action, everytime, with tailored data and fast insights. Empower your team through our unique org mapping, personalized reports and real-time alerts.

  • Act in-the-moment
    Influence experiences as they happen, rescue a churn risk, or deliver stand out experiences with instant data and personalized tools at your fingertips.

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Retail and the Relationship Economy

Customer support now directly impacts loyalty and dictates where people spend their money. CX is now just as important as brand name, price, and quality. Retail chatbots provide a smart way to scale exceptional customer experiences.

Retailers can leverage a chatbot to grow far quicker with loyal customers than companies that constantly rely on a semi-satisfied customer base.

Customers demand quick, personal and convenient support, 24/7, on their channel of choice. To build brand love and retain customers through customer support, retailers need to bring ArtificiaI Intelligence into the workforce to resolve issues within seconds.

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